Dr. Sam showed me how attitude and perception goes a long way. His insight of life has provided me with the encouragement and empowerment I needed to move forward. He is an honest, humble guy who really wishes the best for anyone and will go out of his way to help others.

Sean Cruz

Award-winning Illustrator/Visual Artist


— Sean Cruz – Award-winning Illustrator/Visual Artist

“People who ‘don’t believe in counseling’ have never met Dr. Sam. Training, experience, and compassion all come together in this amazing caregiver to the heart, mind, and soul.”
Steve Gottry
Co-author of books with Ken Blanchard (of One-Minute Manager fame) and
Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup for the Soul books)
— Steve Gottry

Hi Dr. Sam! You cured me of spider phobia. It worked! I didn’t freak out about a huge spider yesterday! Thank you so much! I’ve never felt so calm around a spider… especially one that was in my house.

— L.J. College Student

When I need a grounded, outside, point of view to help me organize my
thoughts and focus my energies, Dr. Sam is who I go to. He is a warm and
intelligent person, who I trust to work with me, to prepare myself to
approach major challenges and goals in my life.

— Robert Younis – Actor

Dr. Sam has been great at helping me clear up many obstacles in the way of my ever expanding creative practice.  His wisdom and dedication have made him incredibly effective at helping me not only pinpoint where the obstacles lie but how easily and effortless it is to dissolve them, permanently, allowing me to grow and evolve unhindered by past restrictions or self-imposed limitations.  Regardless of all of that, he’s also just an all around great guy and a person who truly cares about the well being of others.

Bert Rodriguez CV, 2008 Whitney Biennial

— Bert Rodriguez: Internationally Acclaimed Visual Artist and Member of the 2008 Whitney Biennial