About Dr.Sam

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“Life was meant to be experienced whole and healthy. At some point in our journey, we encountered obstacles, difficulties, traumas, tragedies, limitations, etc. These can help us to become better persons or sometimes they can paralyze us. Great individuals are known for their ability to seek what is necessary to overcome their limitations. Amazing fulfillment and miracles awaits those willing to take this path. May you find the joy you were meant to discover and experience.”

Samuel Lopez De Victoria, Ph.D.

Dr. Sam, as he is affectionately called by those who know him, is a much sought after public speaker, psychotherapist, and college professor. Whether it is speaking to an audience of several thousand or to smaller groups, he has the ability to powerfully help people become unstuck and change their lives. His patients are used to seeing massive healing taking place in a few sessions of brief, yet deep, therapy. As a college professor, it is not uncommon to see him constantly with a group of students following him around the campus. His classes are usually packed to capacity. He has been described as a comedic and matrix-busting Ph.D. His wide educational background ranges from seminary to Mental Health Counseling (M.A.) and Family Psychology (Ph.D.). He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and a National Certified Counselor.