Tending Our Own Wounds First


Our own experience with loneliness, depression, and fear can become a gift for others, especially when we have received good care. As long as our wounds are open and bleeding, we scare others away. But after someone has carefully tended to our wounds, they no longer frighten us or others.

When we experience the healing presence of another person, we can discover our own gifts of healing. Then our wounds allow us to enter into a deep solidarity with our wounded brothers and sisters. ~Henri Nouwen

Diane said,

February 11, 2014 @ 9:36 pm

When I was 13 yrs I might one of these sick f???s he was 14 at age 16 I had a son, my son father had very dislike to the baby I know in my heart that need to take my son away from him thank god I had good mother help me. when I went to his home to tell him that I thought is best we went are different way he put knife in my throat and try to kill me I get away by the grace god. he harass me with his new wife for years and even get worse when he found out I was NYC police officer and doing my life. He tried everything, I have not talk to him in 32 years and still talks about me and hangs were I live with friends I just don’t understand why his so much into hurting me and he wont leave me alone.

Nidhi said,

March 23, 2015 @ 12:49 pm

This is true!

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